Gary Halbert, the boron letters

Gary Halbert and The Boron Letters…

The copywriter Legend

Gary Halbert,  was one of the greatest copywriters of the 21st century, having generated over $1,000,000,000 in revenue during his career, Gary Halbert’s clients include Rolls-Royce (The Rolls-Royce letter) and many other major international companies.

in August of 1978, he was sent to the Boron federal prison in California for mail fraud, he then decided to write a series of letters to his son with the idea of also publishing them to his community at the time of his release.

He called this serie of letters “the boron letters”

The Boron Letters and the direct Marketing Secrets seminar

Gary Halbert, made a seminar called “the direct marketing secrets”  where he took many elements from Boron’s letters in relation to his latest projects added with his latest findings.

Sell a superior product

“Sell what people want, not what people need”

Gary explains that during his career, he has identified 3 essential reasons before embarking on a new direct marketing project.

  • Sell a superior version of what is already selling with superior marketing
  • Being a pioneer cost too much and most people don’t have the budget capacity
  • I’ve always preferred to be a coward and not try to sell a different product to an existing market, and that’s been pretty successful for me.

Proven profitable products

During his presentation, Gary gives different examples of projects that are profitable and will be for a long time to come

Here are some examples of products that are proven to be profitable at any time

  • how to pick up girls instantly anywhere in the world
  • How to negotiate anything
  • 57 ways to lower your golf score
  • 27 ways to melt away body fat
  • Latest facts to cure prostate problems
  • How to flatten your stomach in the fastest way humanly possible
  • How to get what the US government owe you


Become a student of Markets

Only sale what people want and care

People open personal letters because they don’t know what’s inside…

  • If your lawyer sends you a confidential letter about an important matter, he or she will not use a colorful envelope to attract attention
  • If your mistress wants to send you a letter about your next romantic trip, she won’t do it in such a way as to attract your wife’s doubts

Most people sort and throw away flyers from their mailboxes, but they would keep anything that looks like personalized mail that looks like it was sent by someone close to them or that could be something confidential, so if you want to get someone’s attention send them something that looks like a personalized or confidential letter.

Gary always sent personal letters with priority stamps in order to stand out from all the others and to establish a very personal first contact in the mind of his prospects.

It is still interesting to insert coupons and brochures in your letter but these must be visible to your prospect after he has read your letter

That’s why gary always told his prospect to read the letter before opening the little envelope he enclosed in his letter

Direct Marketing is Seduction

Direct marketing, like seduction, must first make sure to give a nice first impression, authentic to what it announces, giving value before even asking for anything in return and inviting to go further.

Seduction is done step by step, it is necessary to validate several stages before arriving at the kiss.

The art lies in asking at the right time.

Beginners start asking about getting married too early.

Become your own reporter

If a reporter conducted an investigation and discovered your company, then decided to do an article on all the benefits that your company brings to the world by putting the link of your company in his article, it would be incredible no?

Unfortunately the chances of this happening are close to 0%.

That’s why Gary suggests writing your own article in the 3rd person and putting it in newspapers as if you were a reporter, it will have a much better chance of success than writing a first person article for your own company.


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